Standard terms and conditions:

Offer prices shall be regarded as guide prices. Settlement shall be based on the actual number of lines translated into the target language. Receipt of your order shall be deemed to be award of the contract and acceptance by you of my standard terms and conditions.

Translations are supplied per e-mail or post, on paper or data carriers in common word processing formats. Charges for express and courier deliveries shall be borne by the customer.

I will make every effort to keep to agreed delivery dates.
I shall not be liable for late postal deliveries, faulty telephone and fax lines or Internet access, or for the inability of my translators to work because of illness. In the event of force majeure I will inform customers immediately of the circumstances and both parties may cancel the contract. If customers decide to cancel the contract, they shall be liable to pay for work carried out before this.

All complaints shall be made to me in writing within 14 days of receipt of the translation. In the event that a complaint is justified, the translation will be revised without charge to the customer. Complaints shall not be accepted if they involve customer's preferences as to subjective style with regard to the text. All other rights are hereby excluded. I shall be liable for errors in translation and any resulting damage only to the amount of the cost of the translation.

Terms of payment: 14 days of date of invoice, net.

The venue is Lünen.